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The Chancery

It’s saturday the 13th October. I’ve made quite a nice meal, cumin spiced lamb kebabs with a spicy tomato sauce and rice with onions, green chilli and courgettes. Followed by a plum tarte tatin. It’s nice, really nice but I can’t help wish I was somewhere else. You see this time last week I was getting to the end of a dinner at The Chancery.

On a Saturday evening, The Chancery is like a little place, hidden away, one of those places you think only you know about. It’s in the middle of the legal centre of London which may explain why the area is so quiet. I had been into London with my Dad, another trip back to the tailors as my Dad had spied a jacket while we were there last time and was having it adjusted. This made it an early dinner, half 6 sitting so it was fairly quiet when we entered, one other table taken.

I done my usual, looked at the menu before I went and had been thinking all day of one dish, the main course I knew I would pick. Still, I look through the menu, the starters do have me a little stumped. We order wine, a 2008 Malbec, one of my favourite wines. We actually got a glass of champagne on the house which I’m told was a perfect match for the starter my dad had chosen, cured salmon, verbena, pickled beetroot and horseradish. I went for the Wild Rabbit Ballotine with smoked onion puree, girolles and bacon vinaigrette. I’m sure there is no connection with me having recently bought girolles for the first time and a recent habit of ordering courses that have girolles in, well I’m almost certain. This is a great starter for me, light and subtle flavours. Everything works, and the vinaigrette brings it all together. My dad’s reaction tot he salmon says it all, he smiles, gives me a nod of satisfaction and takes another bite. The salmon was on my shortlist, sort of wish I’d had two starters, maybe next time.

We both went for the same main, the venison with glazed beets, celeriac, apple and blackberries. Thinking of this dish now is the reason I want to be back there. Venison is my favourite meat. This dish is one of the best venison dishes I have ever had. In fact I have been raving about this dish all week, telling anyone who will listen. The meat was so tender and it comes with beets, it’s like they knew my favourite foods. The addition of blackberries I was wary of at first. Why was I wary? It just works and it makes the dish interesting, sweet tender meat mixed with a tangy blackberry. My mouth waters every time I think about it.

We move on to dessert, probably still a glass of wine each left in the bottle so no dessert wine ordered and then two glasses of dessert wine appear, again on the house. Okay, so no after dinner drink, we’ll be hammered. My dad went for the Millefeuille of raspberry and pistachio. Have to say I’m not even sure I remember what it looked for as I was concentrating too much on my dessert, Amedei Mousse, ginger, kumquats, and marmalade ice cream. Now I thought I was lucky having such a great mousse the other week, now I am in mousse heaven. Another brilliant mousse, the perfect dessert for me, light and easy to eat.

We’re at the point we sit back, enjoying a coffee and preparing ourselves for the train home. I should tell you about the service, it’s friendly and relaxed. As we were having coffee I had noticed that the restaurant was almost full. I think this speaks volumes considering how quiet that area of London is at the weekend. I really enjoyed watching a new waiter being trained, I’m sure he will do well learning the trade there. Being an evening meal, the lighting is lower so I didn’t take any photos as they wouldn’t have come out but I have stolen one from head chef, Simon Christey-French as he was kind enough to tweet a picture of the venison dish tonight, hopefully he won’t mind me posting it here.

For more information on The Chancery, visit http://www.thechancery.co.uk

You can follow Zak Jones on  Twitter @chancerylondon and Simon Christey-French @christeyfrench


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