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The Jury Went Out

A little play on my name here and the phrase “The Jury is Out” as I popped back to The Chancery last week. I had visited a company just down the road in the afternoon who were transporting me to Parliament for the launch of “See Psoriasis: Look Deeper”, a new campaign to ensure the correct treatment of patients with psoriasis, recognising the psychological impact on the patient. If you’d like to read more about it, you can read my other blog, My Skin and I http://wp.me/p2f785-32

As I was dropped off back at Chancery Lane, I dropped Zak a line and asked if they had a spare table. Now I’m not one for dining alone normally so I was planning a quick in and out and it actually turned out that Zak joined me for dinner which was great. Hearing a few stories about the perils of owning a restaurant and how good it would be if I owned the restaurant, in the middle of the legal centre of London, and renamed it The Jury. I checked my bank balance on the way home, I’m a bit short to buy my own restaurant. But a man can dream.

Anyway to the food. I have gone on about the food at The Chancery recently so I won’t go on too much and just share the pictures. Oh and you might notice that I once again had the Venison dish. Yes it’s that good I had it twice. Now if I’d been that Remington chap, I’d have bought the company.

Lobster Cannelloni


Flame Grilled Mackerel

Venison – again


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