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We had stayed in London for the Obsession event at Hix and rather than rush home, we thought we’d take advantage and stay in London for lunch. Yes I had an ulterior motive for this which my wife cottoned on to straight away. You see, I picked Theo Randall at the Intercontinental as somewhere to stop for lunch. Now, I had been wanting to go here for some time as the effervescent Olly Smith had recommended it a while back. But hold on, it’s Theo Randall, did I really need some to recommend it to me? The reason I chose this day was that I was in Obsession mode and Theo is in the book. And so I see an opportunity for signing number 10. Number 10, oh the puns I have thought I could use here. You’ll be glad I decided not to. I contacted the restaurant and my luck is in, Theo is doing service that day. Now I must add here, I had booked it before that was confirmed as my mind was made up anyway.

We wake in our hotel, just off the Edgeware Road. People, never stay in a hotel round there. I say woke, I was wake already, had been for most of the night. The noise is horrendous and we made the decision that we will use one of our usual hotels next time no matter the cost. A peaceful night is worth it. We decided to walk down to Marble Arch and do some browsing round the shops until lunch. I am the worst person to be with when I’m excited. Who needs a kid when you have me. “Shall we go down there yet?” I ask, “No dear, we’ve got two hours yet” my wife sighs. I sort of get my way and we’re there about half an hour early. One must drink you know. We sip cocktails whilst I sit there excitedly, book in hand. I decide to casually leave the book on the table. Trying to act clam, confident, relaxed and not the obsessed chef stalker I seem to have become.

As we’re sat there in the bar, Theo just suddenly appears, introduces himself and sits with us for a brief chat. We talk about the Hix event, that Olly loves the place. Probably just as well I didn’t realise he’d be coming to talk to us in the middle of service so I don’t act too much like an excited schoolboy. He obviously spies the book, I mean you can’t miss the thing. Then the embarrassing part, I realise I still have it all marked out for where I wanted it signed last night and I know the exact page for Theo. When I was a school, I was on the fringes of being a geek, I think I’m a late developer and now am a fully fledged geek.



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A Special Page on Psoriasis

I have added a page on my blog dedicated to psoriasis. I have suffered from the condition for ten years and as it is currently Psoriasis Awareness Week I wrote My Story. I have purposely kept this seperate from my usual postings. If you wish to read it, just click on the Psoriasis tab.

Thank you.

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